Friday, November 13, 2015

The Meaning of Life and Everything

[or .. The Pathology of Connectedness ]
( a.k.a. "The whinin' and the cryin' and the shooting and the dying
and the fellow with the switchblade knife"  ( i.o.w. =  the self.)

Themes above the line are about the geology.  Themes below the line are musings on the human zoo.  Sometimes they get mixed up because they're never quite sure whether they belong above or below deck and it can be difficult to convince them one way or the other.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Above the Line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Science  (the logical /rational self)  => 'im upstairs, thinking he's the bee's knees (= the Mind of God)
[Plimsoll line keeping  the Ark of the Covenant ('compact of connectedness') afloat.]
 Religion  (the emotional constraint) => fairness /equality /connection /community ( = 'House Rules') 
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Below the Line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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(Under reconstruction /cleaning up..)  


Castro :-  The Passing.  The first international leader visited by Nelson Mandela when he got out of jail.   A man of his time who wanted "Health and  Education" for the Cuban people  (and got it), who boasted /joked that "even our prostitutes have college degrees".  (Companions of user-pays Happy Man.)
Trump :-  The Beginning.  A man of his, imprisoned in Celebrity, who promises jobs (not all of them mired in antiquity), .. but a cheapskate who advocates the "grabbing of women's crotches" be available only when you're well-known (like himself). 

Who would you rather...?  

It's an interesting question.  Tag Science on to the Health and Education portfolios as priorities and by Jove, I think he's got it.  I really think he's got it!  Except for that pesky one about .. you know, .. human rites, .. (the guy with the switchblade).  What's to be done about him, then?  Lock him up?  Render him reconditioned?  Shoot him?  [ (All those guns) .. ]

What's the business model that puts Health, Education, and Science at the top of the social agenda?  Innovation and Business paying for it?  But 90% of it is not happening, .. not going usefully back into community.  What does that say?  Enter :-
Abbott (Aust.) :- "Innovation"?  ("Whassat supposed to mean?")  "Talk to people in language they can understand."  ???  [Is he angling for a job with the Opposition?]

Castro inverted the business model, and look how pissed off he made a lot of people. Let's see what Trump does.  Doesn't sound like he's off to a great start (with his 'grab' of a business model.)

Meanwhile, ..running true to form :-

Worrying trend?  (=>"identity politics", a.k.a. 'gangs'.)  What's going to happen when the hopeful 'fringe-dwellers' realize they've been dudded by the Pied Piper? ["Vive Che!  Viva Fidel! Viva la Revolution!"]  (Shriver's Mandibles :-:  I think she missed the bit about calling in all the high denomination notes prior to issuing the bancor.)
" ..But for all the sharp-edged comedy (a thriving Mexico builds a border wall to keep out desperate illegal Americans), and for all that it ends with a knowing Orwellian wink, The Mandibles is a profoundly frightening portrait of how quickly the agreed rules of society can fall apart without money to grease the wheels. I finished it and immediately started stockpiling toilet paper."  (link)
Not to Worry.  Trump is going to show everybody how to make the stuff, because he knows a thing or two (being a businessman).  [Who needs fiction when there is the real deal? (and toilet paper is still available).]


How can a public expect their President to tell them truths, when they have elected him on a platform of lies?   It seems we are witnessing an acceleration of the long trend of 'news' as infotainment, in which facts are no longer important, only what holds the attention of 'the masses' (Remember the masses?.. and that bit about letting them eat cake, instead of bread) (if they're hungry)?  It's certainly odd to see America about to be catching up with Russia as we go down this road of 'stories', but in large part we (that is America) (though it's arguable if the rest of the world shouldn't have had a voice in that election) have only our /itself to blame.  We (that is you) did elect this guy.  Now we're stuck with him, .. tweeting and twatting for four years while the media work out what to do about him, .. how to deal with the spangle of untruths, half truths and outright lies.

Solution's easy.  Report nothing of what he says. (Leave that to him.) (Because he will tweet it).  Report only what he does.
"Today at 7.30am Donald Trump entered The Castle and tweeted - (whatever) (verbatim).  And keep a running log for the context because there will be nothing else of consequence - only photo-ops of the tweeter-twatter (/twatter-tweeeter).  "Donald "Twat said tweet" and "Donald Tweet said "twat".  Then do a page of putting it in the context of what else is happening on the daily news under the aegis of the moving and grooving Presidential Potentate.

Hope the docudramas are taking note for funding comedy ops (like Charlie Chaplin did), before he gets impeached and holed up in the tower. 

 "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, .. let down your hair!"
"Sorry, xxx, .. . I just had a Mexican /Cuban /Brazillian /Whateveran.


( 20161203)
Trump.  This is the guy who, before the election when it looked like he was falling behind, claimed the voting was rigged, who during the election declined to say if he would accept the result, and who after he won the election claimed the election was still rigged, depriving him of the popular vote.

This is the guy to whom just about everybody is cozying up to, even as he retreats from just about all of his core promises, alienating, already, surely, deeply, a very substantial part of his electoral base.  Even commentators who slammed him before and during the election have no qualms about-facing, in fear of being denied access to what goes on behind the Golden Doors, try to see positives of hope and redemption among his litany of lies, untruths and half truths, and promises of  'infrastructure spending'.  In hope of the reality of such promises, contractors in Australia are already clamouring to get a piece of the action, despite the promise that jobs are for the home front.  But spending on what exactly nobody knows.  Nothing's been said.  But it will "Make America Great Again".  Spend more and save with the tax advantages in such sweetheart deals?  Robbing the home coffers will certainly be one way for somebody to make money, that everybody is hoping the Donald will show them how to do (since he's a businessman),  "See? Look?  Big Hands.  Clean Hands."

Are people really so entrenched in /entranced with this C/F world of Celebrity /Fantasy that they will follow a guy who is so manifestly steeped in it, who advertises for public consumption a deep distrust of democratic electoral principles (whether he believes them or not) and who puts it around that he and only he (imprisoned behind the golden doors of his tower) can lead America to 'Greatness'.  Exactly what this greatness is, nobody knows.  He hasn't said.  But "Everybody knows what I'm (read-my-lips) talking about".  He's in search of the Holy Grail about something, but not sure if he wants the job really.  The Mission is already achieved. .  King Arthur in his tower + Excalibur + The Ladies and Chivalry + the Court Jester etc., etc.   From here on in he's hamming it.  Well, ..  it made America Great once before (bacon, maybe more than ham).  Maybe it will again (well, .. ham maybe more than bacon).  Bacon and geese get cooked, .. Ham is best served cold.  America's inebriation is about to be followed by Cold Turkey as it realises the ambitions of  *That* Bird.  (But when?  We might well ask.)

Nelson Mandela came to pay homage to Fidel.  And Nigel Farage came to pay homage to The Donald.

There's certainly something very Pythonesque about it all.  Pity they're not around to "share the love". But then the times and the humour were different then from what they are today.  What's happened?  Is there someone to blame?  Reffos?  China? Wall Street?

There *is no going back to "again".  Get used to it.  The way of celebrity and fantasy is an illusion - a Pokemon that cannot be "magicked into reality".  Trump does not point the way forward.  There's no laughing our way out of this one.

Secure the barricades. 

(The passing of Andrew Sachs )



"Person of the year"?  No question.  He really does take the biscuit (!).  But it's very doubtful if Mr Trump will see it that way. 
" ..  has since called being chosen "a very, very great honor" during an interview this morning on TODAY. And he probably really means it, having spent the past few years pouting about not having been chosen before. Much like when Trump flipped on his previous criticisms of the electoral college only after it helped him win, he is now applauding the choices of a magazine he publicly ridiculed in the past."

And so with baited breath we hang :-

Will a hundred and forty characters be enough?  (Why is this better than the circus?)