Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Barking with the Baskervilles

The ritual of Degradation
(or How science review really works..)

Readers interested in airing  the topic of Earth expansion to a wider audience, and the sub-culture of 'peer review' - the way that science *really* works when consensus is threatened -  might care to visit Rationalskeptics discussion Forum.

The thread was started by 'Brainman' [page1], a neuroscientist, interested in the neurological aspects of discovery, .. how cognition operates to accept or reject findings beyond the simplistic 'objective v. subjective', both on the personal level and group levels, and developed to his being banned from the forum for violating "Forum Rules'. They considered him to be a troll, for insisting he wasn't concerned so much with the geological support for expansion, so much as the cognitive reasons for rejecting the evidence of one's own eyes, and thereby causing them to reveal their deficiencies (in both areas).

My own contribution to the discussion also began with earning a blue card for contravening 'forum rules' (pp.249 - 257).  I made a note about it here :

Had a look again from the sidelines here, then took up the discussion again on p.345.

The ritual of degradation is always a necessary gauntlet for ideas that contradict consensus to run.  Like all abuse, it is really bullying, and about power, ..and applies to science every bit as much as it does to the schoolyard or the home.  (Ask your mother..)

[ This is the Page that got the original poster banned ]

Note - pps  249 - 257
Then begin again at P.345
Re: Expanding earth. Do the continents wind back to a sphere

[ See also - Debunking Plate Tectonics - at :- ]

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