Friday, December 7, 2012

MY BIG DAY - Hip-hip-Hooray!!

( .. all excited - and let out to play..)

Hurray!!  My big day!  After having been suspended for a week for having been deemed to be insulting Paul there (P.P.P.S. in that last post) by asking him if he found homeopathy encouraging, I'm free again to insult something else - their intelligence, .. by telling them how Earth expansion is the real deal, and Plate Tectonics is not.  But the Thread's locked.  What's going on?

They complained about me behaving like a three-year old, because of what I said about consensus having an angry face like a monkey's bum.  That was interpreted as another insult.  Well, .. if the cap fits, ..  I guess, .. There's no accounting for the fashion sense of some folks.  Davey Crocket wore a skunk's bum on top of his head for long enough, and nobody complained.  In fact it became quite a fashion item, .. so, .. baboons, .. Look out!

Anyhow, ..   They say locking the thread is because of "Multiple Reports", but I reckon that's just hooey, .. a delaying tactic, while they're working out what to do about me and the others telling them about the Earth getting bigger.  There's nothing going on that could be multiply reported about.   Barking Hackenslash, the resident self-appointed Homeland Security plant, wanted to pull a fast one by moving the thread over to formal debate, thus muzzling it and putting it under tighter control according to "rules", which the linked explanatory page says has still to be made up, ..  a move that was immediately seconded by a moderator.  But they must have had second thoughts.  Those posts (P399) were deleted along with some others that got caught up in the purge.  Good job too.  (Kangaroo court!)

I was in the middle of explaining why Earth expansion was so simple and why Plate Tectonics can't work when they slapped that red card on me, suspending me for a week.  Then they locked the thread.  But no matter, .. we can do it here.  What's the difference anyway and why not?  The original piece (post #7781 on P390) is only a click away, ..   And the reply to it is post #7788 on the same page.   When (if? - let's see how long it takes..) the thread re-opens I'll post it there and the discussion can continue.

Meanwhile we'll post it here.  It's a useful summary of main points for anybody interested.  So, we go.

Five points.
'Just-A-Theory' (That's Plate Tectonics) and me (Earth expansion)

[Post removed. Can read it as post #7993 on P400 here.]

[ See also - Debunking Plate Tectonics - at :- ]

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