Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Evidence Has F-All To Do With It"

Answering Rationalskepticism P416 :: Spearthrower's Post #8310

I was going to post this together with the answer to Just a Theory on the last entry, but they've grown a bit.  They're both too big so I've broken them down to post separately. I've also restructured the syntax a bit because I'm not allowed to talk to Spearthrower directly now his mother or big sister's turned up to take him in for tea.  I see they're already on to Page 418, with him fighting for copyright over the term nig-nog because he lives in the UK.  Well I would say he has every right to own the word, ... nothing to do with blacks or booze of course, ..but that's another issue we'll have to deal with later.  A lot of words have changed their meanings.  Not for the better I have to say.    Good job I never said I liked his gay approach to this topic, or asked if he had a rubber in his pocket.  Right now, as Blue Jaws quited rightly says, we should stick to the issue.  (See this Bus Ticket, ...  FantAstic ride.  .. Really takes you places.)

So here we go :-

"Evidence Has F-All To Do With It" ....
(You're telling me!)  ...  Well, he's exaggerating of course to make a point.  A case could be made exactly as he says.
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