Friday, April 28, 2017

Slingshots - Death by a thousand stones

( .. then sliced and diced by Ocam's razor .. )

Plate Tectonics' FAILS

Earth expansion is quite happy to excuse Plate Tectonics' No.10, .. because it saves the bother of having to administer the coup de grace

1Round Earth.  = An expression of gravity essential to Earth expansion but irrelevant to Plate Tectonics, which is all about convection.  The Earth could be the shape of a flat-bottom pan on some celestial stove for all the difference it makes to Plate Tectonic theory.
2Rotating Earth.  Earth's rotation is inscripted in 200+m.y. of deformation of its hemispheres and is likewise an essential element of Earth expansion (and is likewise ignored in Plate Tectonics as not essential.) (in fact, not even noticed!).  Instead, rotation is appropriated as 'convection on Euler poles', or, more exactly since subduction is said to be the immediate driving dynamic for Plate Tectonics, due to the syncronised cogs gears and churn of the "Subduction Factory" (Pty Ltd).
3Panthalassa /Tethys.  Never existed.  Both are mythical oceans, hypothetical constructs dragooned into Plate Tectonics from earlier continental drift ideas necessary for it to work.  Earth expansion says they are just ad hoc devices of convenience to bolster Plate Tectonic theory in order to steal capital by "building on the shoulders of giants" whom they formerly rubbished (even rebranding their efforts with a new name = "The New Global Tectonics").
4Retrofittable continents.  Crustal structure defines all continents as retrofittable, therefore the Earth was once smaller by its oceanic extents.  Plate Tectonics acknowledges the reality of the obviously retrofittable Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans but balks at the Pacific, which n order to meet the mythical imperative of 3 is just simply ignored, and instead hypothesises a once-existing ocean equal in size to the sum of all those of the present day, that has been destroyed down so-called "subduction zone(s)" leaving behind only the bit we see.  (Fails all geological principles as "outsiders without a geological clue", and Ocam's razor.)
5Hemispherical partitioning.  The splitting of Pangaea into Laurasia and Gondwanaland about a Pangaean equator is the essence of Earth expansion.  While early landmasses of Laurasia and Gondwanaland are recognised in Plate Tectonics, hemispherical partitioning is not. It is rationalised in the invention of 3.  According to Plate Tectonics both supercontinents could be in any configuration according to "convection".
6Gravity-direct.  Folds and fold belts are direct expressions of the relentless imperative of gravity as the Earth adjusts to its increasing size, but in Plate Tectonics are represented as directly due to sideways collisions of crustal fragments (indirectly due to 'subduction' ).
7Swivelling dislocations.   Pacific (i.e. Pangaean) margins describe hemispherical torsion and gravitational collapse of the continents above burgeoning whalebacks of mantle extrusion (unrecognised in Plate Tectonics.
8Equatorial to longitudinal global rupture.   Follows naturally as the consequence of the evolving global stress field as the Earth changes from being smaller and more oblate to being larger and more spherical.  This transition is named simply as the difference between "active" and "passive" margins.
9Crustal lag.  Earth expansion identifies wholesale westwards drift of the entire Atlantic-Eurasian sphere over the Pacific. Plate Tectonics represents this as "flat subduction" - a contradiction in terms. 
10. "Outsiders with no credentials in structural geology."   Not my words.  Plate Tectonics represents itself proudly as an invention (/"theory") of self-declared "outsiders" who  didn't have a clue , and, who, when it came to interpreting geological structure of the Earth's crust, "didn't need one".  (Earth expansion graciously concurs.)

Agreement on the tenth point leaves the field open for dialogue, albeit one that is somewhat one-sided.

There are many more reasons of course once that "something the cat brought in" begins to get untangled, but for all the surrounding hype of public interest in geology and fashions of "pet rocks" I'm not sure if there's the interest.  Facts rarely win an argument.  And anyway, .. why should there be any (interest)?  People have other things to do than bother about an Earth getting bigger.

But why bother?  Because if all this expansion stuff is right (and quite apart from Plate Tectonics' deficits mentioned above there is very good reason to say that it is), then it really requires a Goliathan capitulation to the expansion side of the tent and for the rent-a-clash mob to shut up, and for both to focus on the implication for science as a whole (BBC at about 9:10mins) (where the girl comes in and says, "Sounds like we need to rethink this whole physics thing over..") and the direction that science has been taking us lately (ever since Einstein refused to accept the standard model for quantum physics).   As well as paying attention to the money being spent on it.  [Not to mention the credits being bestowed on all those who have been leading us up the garden path (again).] 

 ....... ...... and if that's not enough.. (xx)

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