Monday, December 4, 2017

"This is the maiden all forlorn .. "

".. That got screwed by the Pied Piper .."
( .. + dogs /cats /rats etc.  .. )

Chomolungma :-: "Goddess Mother of Mountains,"
or Sagarmatha :-:  “Forehead in the Sky”
or Everest :-:  Peak-15

(Cultural disconnect)  (Just thought I'd mention it.)

Fig.1 ("Holy Cow!")  The towering, naked cool beauty of the Goddess Chomolungma, the Ice Queen, Rock of Ages (Ordovician), chiselled to a peak and thus probably a poor shadow of her former self.  Gloriously symbolic of Penelope Pubic & Sophie More getting taken for a ride by the Pied Piper (and not even getting value for money).
Mountains *not* formed by the collision of plates. (Highest ones on the planet at that.)

"Ridges and spurs"
"Mystery Quake"

Earmarked for mention.

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