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The relentless imperative of wilful ignorance (namely mine) ( = Bliss )
1.  Submarine warfare :-:  Consigning H.M.S. Plate Tectonics to Davey Jones' Locker.

[To all Beautiful People, "We are going to Make Expansion Great Again"  (M_E_G_A)  The ugghlies are not part of the plan (no insurance).]

Related themes.
1.  The connectedness of Religion and Science.
2.  Tsar Donald the Dealer :-: Patriarch of the Trump Dynasty, ensconced now in the Golden Tower with a Dacha in the White House :-: Resurrecting The Apprentice by running the world like a game show.  Sit back and be conned.
3  Vlad the Pretender (Putin one over on him).
4.  Erdogan the Imprisoner :-: looking for his pint of blood from all who disagree with him.
5.  Xi Jinping  :-:  The Karaoke King of Davos sings the praises of free trade - (... "steps into a vacuum of world leadership") ( " Hey, .. we just heard a Chinese president become leader of the free world.")


Act 1 Scene 1

(20170122) Day 2
1.  Signs an executive order.  (Now he can blame people when it doesn't pass.)
2.  Blames press for misrepresenting his crowd size.
3.  Women protest. [x] [x] [x] [x]
4.  Sends subliminal message to Marine Le Pen re. Patriots Day.
5.  Pope warns against rising populism.

[Not bad .. for a day's work.]

1. Second day :- Trump to comply with constitution?

1.  Trump muzzles science researchers. [1] [2] [3]  [while he tweets his mushrooms]  Expect press to be next in his sights.   (?recinded later?)

1.  Preparing the ground for stepping down ?   (continuing to focus on  election 'loss'). The reason he can't get out of election mode is because election was his central goal.  Beyond that he's mostly at a loss, buoyed up by thought bubbles.  Hence this muscular blizzard of signing, knowing it may well get knocked back.  ["Look at what everybody's making me do, ..making me do what I said I'd do,  .. sign all this stuff to make me prove something.  Don't they know that what I say is not what it's about?  It's about me_me_me .. and anything that will promote me, .. *that's* what it's about."]  "Sending in the Feds" and "Uncharted waters" [mp3 link] are indeed uncharted (but not unprecedented) waters.  The question is to what extent his narcissism will render him no more than a cat's paw to extra-presidential interests.  And are we indeed entering a new age of barbarism generally (closing off on the TPP)?  Trade is an issue of national security as much as it is a financial one (less likely to war with a trade partner), particularly one as large and central to international interests as the United States.

But this is not about Trump (despite Trump thinking it is).  It's about his support base that memed him into existence and the politics of colonisation and free trade.  It's Brexit repeating.  =>  What is the scale at which a trading block defeats its own purpose?

Trade is peace, not war.  If Mr Trump can pull off some trade deals with Mr Putin and incorporate them in 'a plan' along the lines of 'greatness' (and I think it not impossible; Mr Hitler had exactly that opportunity and fluffed it, .. but then he didn't have twitter, and he was crippled with a most abhorent  twist to his world view concerning a certain tribe of religious itinerants /refugees), then China will follow (for sure).  And India.  Europe will experience rebirth, the Far Right (and ISIS) will be fucked, nuclear weapons will be consigned to the refuse bin of history, and not just the Arabs, but the whole world will experience a truly unprecedented spring and be back on track with where it is supposed to be going.  And his mother would be very pleased with him indeed.
Everybody should encourage Donald Trump in exactly this direction.  He has the power - and the potential - and, if everyone would just seize this opportunity to feed his ego in this direction, the backing to do it, .. if only he would just help himself by going and seeing his bloody shrink (!).

I mean, .. can you imagine a more appropriate career trajectory for the man -  if only he would take a leaf from the Norman Vincent Peal who officiated at his wedding and think back to the two women who have surely most influenced him in his life, his mother and his wife. (And practice karaoke.)

(I think karaoke could be key here.)

*THAT* is what "making America Great Again" would really mean.  And it is the direction from which *AMERICAN JOBS* could come - IN A JIFFY 

HOWEVER, .. for reasons better known to others than me, there are also pessimistic views :-
"The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism."  (Link)
I don't know about what he says though, about being "a national leader who will set markets tumbling", because it is a well established truism that when it comes to selling to the public taste, nobody ever lost any money by underestimating it.  All things egregious are up for grabs. And the eponymous Donald, being the embodiment of "vulgarity unbounded", is truly a style setter.  He will surely be tested in his attitude to "Der Jugendfrage",
" .. Trump began his campaign declaring Mexican immigrants to be “rapists”; he closed it with an anti-Semitic ad evoking “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (repeat link
I really don't know why the media reports him.  What he says is entirely of no consequence to him, so why should it be to anyone else?.  He is a con-man, a scammer, .. in his own words, "a deal maker", but one in which it is his own ego that is centre of the deal - whatever it is..  Other parties are simply 'collateral damage'.  And he is telling everyone exactly that, and in no uncertain terms. Control is the stock-in-trade of the narcissist.  He is dangerously unsuited to the office to which he has been elected, and control is not what election in a democracy is about.  That is the domain of the despot and totalitarianism, where the sprinkling of lies serves to control the people - just as Stalin controlled those around him.

Just who was it in H.R. interviewed him for the job anyway?

A big slab of the American people oblivious to reality.

And so (as onlookers) we wait to see where all this will lead.


"It's just another brick in the ..."  [x]  "Tear down this wall Mr President"
"...and she says with a huge smile: ‘I came from Mexico, baby. If you’re Mexican and Arabic in the United States, it’s a long way to climb those mountains!’ " [link]  (Or google |salma hayek on donald trump| )  

 [Also => the Pope is not about Catholics .  He's about the sacredness of the soul and the universal connectedness of people, .  Which is what the word means anyway.  Its popular parlance usage is a triumph of appropriation by the management.  Francis is intent on giving its meaning back to people.  It's like Plate Tectonics.  Plates are flat and belong on a flat shelf in a flat kitchen, not a round one, .. and there is no such thing as 'tectonics'- not in the sense of popular parlance anyway, of "tectonic shifts".  Themasthinkthereis,  don't know their geology.  They've been conned by the management.

[Sanctuary cities vow to defy Trump's immigration order.]


I really don't understand why news outlets are talking so much about what this man says.  He's proven from the beginning that what he says is contradictory, immaterial and virtually means nothing. What he's doing with all this signing is offloading responsibility for execution onto congress, knowing that he, and what he says, was not very welcome to begin with.  What he's doing is establishing the template for the double-cross - playing one faction off against the other - the technique of divide, replace and rule.  (Control; conning and scamming, while people react directly to what they are led to believe are issues. Chasing will o' the wisps.  The only issue here is Trump in the public eye, .. Trump the Brand.  And the more mayhem that raises that profile, the better.)

Not a word he says means a thing.  And not a piece of paper he signs means very much more either.  Using his twitter feed he's going to maintain populism as the sharp edge to drive between the lot of them.  Bet he's got people counting tweets & trends.  That's what he'll respond to. 

Meanwhile out there in the real world, .. a few furphies .. The TGB [Today's Global Business.]



War, not trade ?


So it's on the news, it's Theresa who affirms American commitment to NATO, not the Donald. What are we to make of that then?

"Go on, you tell them."
"No you, You're American."
"I can't.  I dissed it."
"Oh well, .. I suppose... "

Theresa May, a Big Sister anti-Brexitist, committed by circumstance to lead Britain out of Europe.  And Trump, a pro-Amerexitist,  anti-NATO enthusiast, committed to leading America out of the world, .. is being compelled to moderate.  How will they get on?  [Got some ironical common ground to share there]

Question is, will Big Sister get the better of him, .. pull the rug out from under him, make him commit to more than signage?  And generally speaking, set The Donald on the path to enlightenment (/redemption)? 

Will we see a drop in the tweeting as he turns away from the Breitbart rebellion, and towards the responsibility of office.  Because he's not really a populist.  He's a 'Donaldist' looking for career advancement, and a considerable degree of narcissism is necessary for that sort of thing.

That visit to the Palace, .. It's a powerful beat (putting a tingle in his fingers and a rhythm in his feet?).  But Oh dear, .. he put one of them wrong straight away:-
He should have been talking to the lady, not a bronze statue (of "This is the original (real deal?) (Winston Churchill) in many ways")  looked out from some dusty cupboard.  I guess it's a faux pas that the exposed self can easily make.  Not deliberate, I think.  He looked quite shy at that point... till he got rescued.  Had he reached around and grabbed her by the  ....  then ,.. (your guess is as good as mine).

What's he prepared to trade for that palace visit that got mentioned?  What's the deal?

Similar view to that expressed here :-
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04q2p35   [43:45 to 45:18 minutes.]
[He really, really could.  What a coup!  Everyone, ..  make him believe it! ]
Some Yuma :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hw_0Ufxpzs

Then it's the Middle East /Israel, I guess. (Play within a play.)
Solution's easy.  Three acts :-
1.  Two state solution (to secure temporary territorial agreement /peace).
2.  Popular culture secures intermarriage of younger demographic.
3.  Secularisation dismantles religious differences enabling (2) and rendering (1) redundant.
But from the outset (3) must be recognised as future inevitability.  But 'religion' by scythian theocracy has been going for a long time in that part of the world.  With goodwill the change could happen virtually overnight /in a generation, but there's the rub - religion v. goodwill.  Uncomfortable bedfellows across a crowded room.  Unless religion /tribalism is recognised as the root of the problem and something is done about *that*, all else is futile.  Not even (1) will cut it because a two-state solution is forever a one-man decision, .. and there are any number (within the tribe) who can (and will) take his place.
[Tribes and endangered species - Doantcher jes luvvit:-  [x]  ]

Why did God curse man with 'religion'?  And a desert to wander in.

He didn't.  It was man that cursed God with it, to cloud issues.

Act 1 Scene 2


The signing of the Travel Ban.
(Much consternation /outrage; Trump called "delusional")  [+]  [First calls for impeachment.]

Marching for Life (an issue for First Ladies ?).


Just Wow! .. (as the ruckus over the travel ban continues).    Some outrage.  This was not supposed to happen.  There was supposed to be flags flying, bells ringing and crowds cheering as America the Beautiful already becomes great (again). Where has he gone wrong?  This was his core campaign.  Where is everybody supporting him? Here maybe :-


Travel ban ruckus continues.
Trump tweets "bad dudes", and blames computers. More calls for impeachment.
Palace visit Objection.  A petition of now a million and a half signatures (and counting).

$24m dollars raised in one weekend to fight the ban in the courts.
Washington State :- Announces legal action provisions are illegal and unconstitutional ; Attorney General says ban is unlawful ;
Virginia ; Says this initiates expulsion of Muslims in the US.
Companies:-  Say ban is bad for business.
Attorney General sacked for betraying an order designed to protect U.S. citizens.  (Bad Girl!)
US diplomats.  Hundreds around the world to sign a "dissent cable".
L.A. Police Chief issues instructions to ignore calls to detain undocumented immigrants

Trump for three days now has been dumbing it down for Simpsons Bart and acolytes Breitbart)  Trump:-  "Nothing nice about terrorists; these are bad dudes :-  This was a big part of my Campaign."

I.m.o. Trump is the biggest bad-dude terrorist going, but is so much a cat's paw up itself it's dumb enough to not know it.  I do think there is something in the vegemite about all this ('Bart' for the Simpsons and 'Bart' for Breitbart). There's nothing (but everything) 'breit' about Trump.  That's for sure on the one hand.  But on the other I don't see how with his son-in-law being Orthodox Jewish and his manifest support for Netanyahoo, he can be carrying out a clandestine rabbid antisemitic program for Bannon, Trump's very first appointment back in November [for Chief Strategist].  Not unless he's on all four paws and taking alt-truth to an extreme to keep even Bannon guessing.

Chief Strategist indeed.  alt-truth.  Say then deny.  Divide and rule.  Both of them are in the same mold - as is Trump's "I've never-met-the-man" Putin, whose 'news' is well known as being of the  'believe it if you like' entertainment sort, a whole order-of-magnitude up on old Rupert's tittilating twerky sidebar.  What's the rump of the trump-bannon backstory then?  There could be trouble brewing there for sure if his golden girl has an opinion about 'wimmen' and Bannon's antisemitic views (despite him denying them in that Guardian (repeat) link above). (Ivanka whispering in one ear and Bannon in the other, .. What's a man to do? )

It's certainly all going to be a test for the courts.

Anybody got a job yet?
Is America any greater yet (in the eyes of the world)?  At home?
Showing any signs?  
Predictable comedy, were it not so serious.
Remember that nobody ever thought through the consequences of Brexit.  God only knows what all the heated discussion was before the vote.  Oh yes, it was about immigrants and jobs being stolen.  Has the economy been mentioned at all yet?  Sorting out the terror first has made me lose track, though I remember it hardly rated a mention during the election either, except for bringing them back and making America Great (again).  All just 'Spectacle Trump'. 

Meanwhile, .. back at the ranch ...
“It’s as if history is being collapsed into a black hole and everything is happening faster than the speed of light.”
 Trump :-  "What's everybody complaining about?  This is what I said I'd do ...   Don't people take me seriously?"

(I wonder why not. ... .. )  Evidently the far right are not terrorists.  So what would you call them?  Trump's rump?


Global outcry against Trump immigration ban
Will legal challenges to Trump's visa ban succeed?
Refugee law expert concerned about impact of US travel ban abroad
Peter Costello warns of global risks, asks if Trump bump can sustain


Appointment to the Supreme Court  (Something to do with .. .. ? )
Saudi Arabia supports Trump   (fossil fuels - that are alive and well in everybody's cars.)
Trump and Turnbull on Manus Island refugees.   (Meat in the sandwich of the South China Sea).
I can well imagine Trump told T. to get knotted.  (Is there a polite way to say that?)   Wheels-within-wheels and that visit to the Palace, .. not to mention Nato, Nafta, Europe generally, and (of course) the South China Sea.  In all of that Trump seems to think it's just about 'reffos'.  Even our Pauline has more nous than that.  And as everyone knows women are more than just about babies, which is why our P. has a soft spot for the Donald.  ["Wish (grump) somebody had a soft spot for me..."]

(Everything continues, business as usual .. )


The World Today. Refugees, Trump, and the "Dumb Deal".  These refugee people, they've been making the Australian government look like real bad dudes.  Now the bad-dude look is being offloaded on to Trump.  No wonder he is peeved, .. considering there has been ample opportunity to settle them in Australia.  The Papuans don't want them either.  I think they're afraid that like the Indian and Chinese immigrants who tend to set up businesses and get ahead, so will the refugees and the local lackadaisical way of life will be further eroded. 

I don't think 'the deal' has ever been clarified either, but everybody breathed a sigh of relief on the news that America would take them.  [Obama, America, and the Land of the Free and all that.]  Where better?  All we know is that a deal has been done to take them, without the quid pro quo  ever having been revealed. If it has then I missed something, but I can guess it's something military to do with China.  Over on the Sydney side of the country the farmers are bothered right now about a compulsory purchase of  prime agricultural land being taken over for military training.  Maybe that's it, .. though it would have to have been in the pipeline for a while, .. and the word is that is for Singapore anyway.

(Done deal.)  I don't mean in the last few days.  For years the public here has been wrangling for the refugees  to be settled in Australia.    By all accounts the camp is effectively a prison.  Intentionally - so the word gets back to relatives to deter "people smugglers".   Apparently they can get out from time to time and walk about but reports are that they don't want to because they get chased and beaten up - even by the police.

Another thing.  I don't understand why our government can't just ring these smugglers up if they're a problem, identify them, and make a deal with the local governments to organise somebody to round them up and put them in jail.  [Remembering here how our previous Prime Minister wanted to stop the trade by buying up all the leaky boats and sinking them.] [Not joking.  He'd heard about a gun buy-back scheme and got the idea there.]  Everybody else seems to be able to find them easily enough.  I'm sure The Donald, or Geronimo Duterte would be able, .. why not our lot?  They certainly know how to put reffos in jail while letting smugglers off scot free.


Alibaba in Australia
Iran plays war games (military exercises).
US Supreme court rules on standing to challenge The Donald

(20170205 - 07)

Trump v. the world.  The saga continues, ..
incl. Indonesia, China, terror recruits. ...
and sundry alt-truths.
[Awesome. Totally.]

The Trump Phenomenon :-
Seems to me it's Popular Culture come of age.  Read 'Youth culture'?  [Narcissism, ..Me-me and my I-phone, combined with protracted adolescence /infantilism even - (adults chasing pokemonsters all through the park) (when they're not grabbing pussies and tweeting)  [google images - King's Park Pokemon] ; (Youthspeak - reminds me of Me an' Julio down by the schoolyard.)  ('up-speak' and vocal fry).  And most of all in-your-face, affective, monosyllabic, monotonic,  pathological narcissism - (no respec' for us old guys). [a.k.a. [aspergers.]   Something's happened - globally - to a whole generation (or two) and it's been 'memed' into existence in the form of that other Donald.   I might be just as narcissistic, wondering if others are reading this, but I'm not running the world with a finger on the button of its destruction.  Yet.  [Only on Plate Tectonics.]

But I've no use for an I-phone. ..  if that makes a difference.

(=> 20170210)

What will Trump do now mission achieved?

From his daughter's line in frocks to immigrants to nuclear warheads, The Donald reacts angrily. What will this mean for the rest of us.  (We walk on coals.)

Act 1  Scene 3

(Impeachment draws closer? )   Setting a benchmark for divisiveness:-
 National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is forced to resign over revelations of discussion on sanctions on Russia.  What did The Donald know?



The saga continues :-  Eminent psychiatrist certifies Trump not mentally ill, foreshadows a "dystopic Trumpean dark age".
(I'm more concerned about the 'cat's paw' now that he's out of his depth.  The founding fathers might have been secure in their safeguards re. presidential election process; they just didn't make allowances for reality TV and the public vote.

(Donald's Dad - style setter extraordinaire. )


Why am I wakening up this morning with an impending feeling of doom, that America is facing its demise?   That things are beginning to seriously crumble.  Is America /western capitalism finally facing its Waterloo in the same way that Russia faced its?  The country might thrive on 'business', but unfettered business and banks are not known for their concern for social cohesion.  With Three hundred million guns flooding the country, each with the intention of protecting the finger that's on its trigger, will Donald Trump with his on the big red one (and narcissistic Love), hold the place together?
Is this a one act play?



Trump continues to war with the media.  Mind you (me and us), anyone who ever has anything to do with the press will probably confess to having issues of 'spin' put on what they say.  So we cut him a bit of slack here.

And now for something completely different - something we all can relate too - The waistline.
[Radical Barnaby Joyce defends sugar industry, opposes tax 2017 ] (advocates exercise, .. shoving tables around as the new recreation, .. instead of eating off them.)


Donald Trump gives "Yank" a new meaning :-  " .. Since Trump's election, and to a degree before it, immigrants have been anticipating ratcheted up enforcement that would mean a family member or person they know could be yanked from the country." 

Trump to hire 10,000+ more enforcement agents :-  " .. Under the draft guidelines, Mr Kelly seeks to "expeditiously hire" 10,000 more enforcement agents and 5,000 border patrol officers."
Trump-love and compassion :-  " .. On one day he says that he loves us and he has compassion for us but at the same time he's allowing his administration to move forward in an unleashed fashion," Martinez said. That, she said, sends conflicting guidance to agents.
[ See also same link and following article re cross-border shooting and, .. "How about the case of a drone strike in Iraq?" asked Chief Justice John Roberts]

(The women in Trump's life ) Ivanka gets bolshie - saying in dad's ear :-  "The US is founded on the principle of tolerance towards different religions".. and called for the protection of religious centres.  So dad follows with :-

Trump calls for still more love and compassion :-  " .. The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centres are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil, < .. and ..> why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms".

Meanwhile, back in the other ear,  Bannon, Breitbart and antisemitism :- 

We wait for Mum to have her say in this reality TV game show.  Classic, is it not?  The nation that invented reality TV has it now front-page of World Affairs.  What could be more apposite than it be headed by Donald Trump.

(Meanwhile) More calls for impeachment.  (Holding their fire).  Will congress side with the voters or the president?   " .. “No president has EVER endured the level of disrespect shown to President Trump. (It’s sickening) ".    But Trump himself has shown an unparalleled disrespect for the office.  That was /is sickening too, .. So?    ++  ".. eerie parallels,” said Boyle, "between the 1972 campaign going into ’73 and the beginning of the Watergate hearings, and the experience of 2016 going into 2017."

Crikey!!  Is it really almost half a century?? 

(Da.a.n_da_ran da.a.a.n.n.)  (Next episode. )

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