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[Re-post of events covering the so-called Cologne attacks at Christmas, 2015 commented on here.]

P.S.   20160111

( More on Guns and being fast on the Draw at Yuletide.)  ["Lewdness"]

Except it's about cameras and not being.

So where were all the cameras? (!)

So somebody got their bum felt and their handbag pinched.  What's so special about that when there's a crowd of drunks for cover?  The two go together like "The Dickens and a Pocket or two (oo.o.)," do they not?  It's the way it's always done.. [Makes it less trouble when you show a little affection ("Peace sister, peace.  .. I haven't eaten for days. ]

"Yes officer, somebody put their hand on my bum and when I turned round it was gone.  Didn't even notice it got snatched."
"Yes, Ma'am, but you managed to remain standing.  And you had your mobilie-phone in your handbag so you couldn't take a picture of the /miscreant.  That so?" 
"Yes officer."
"Anything else?"
"Well, .. one thing led to another and before I knew it there were thousands of them and my knickers had gone too."
< ... then something about rape..>

So where are all the mobile phone pictures of these assaults?   Seems like nobody was very quick on the draw here.

Oops yes, I see one (just posted).  Right on cue :-
 ..which follows the earlier Telegraph reportage :-
in which :-
"..Dozens of women trying to see in the New Year in the centre of Cologne found themselves trapped in a crowd of some 1,000 men, who groped them, tore off their underwear, shouted lewd insults and threw fireworks at them..."

What a beat-up.  'Course it was organised.  If I was a PEGIDAST or an ISIList I'd say it's all maturing quite nicely if we just leave it to (some) people (like me) to do what they're naturally inclined to do where immigrants /refugees are involved  once they get this idea of "connectedness" in their head.
["Whenever two or more of them are gathered in its name" (in beerhalls and such) there is bad behaviour.]

Seen it all before?

In that article with the thousand men and the lewd insults the police said "they were tipped off about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women", but somehow the whole thing went "almost completely unreported for five days - and the scale of what happened that night in the western German city is only now emerging."

(Apparently the plan wasn't working and evidently needed the injection of some drama.  And many came forward (eventually) to supply it.  With a total absence of any smoking-gun pics.

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