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Primarily trying to raise awareness that Plate Tectonics is wrong, and that the Earth is getting bigger ("Earth expansion /Expanding Earth") and revising my 'book' (e-book) about it, .. and, to see what sort of interest people have in knowing about institutional bad behaviour generally (through this particular lens specifically), am blogging about such attendant issues as :- 

1. Why we should care (abuse of public trust + science ethics + implications for physics + squandering money and educational and societal credits /social capital) .] and thereby such other attendant issues that are really none of my business but nevertheless bug me and so help to move it all along, such as :-
2. The public's readiness to acquiesce to 'being sold to' by spruikers (/'pied pipers') for reasons of comfort, inclusiveness, the trust we put in 'experts' [Feynman], and obeisance to 'authority' ('sheeples'), thus highlighting further thereby public complicity and its potential for exploitation to its detriment. ("Self-harm".)
3. "Dedicated followers of fashion" = being all of the above and the root of it all, namely the place of the individual in society, and the cultural and traditional screws (+ emotional and physical) that society exerts in return in order to maintain social cohesion. 
4.  And therefore all about it being at one level the power of consensus, and at another level its folly - and so the need for a more critical public in determining .. ..

'Dominoes'.  Getting them round the right way, at the right scale and in the right order in relation to societal evolution and trying to work out what that should be, seen through the lens of such tectonic issues as 'plates' (scale, 'flat Earth v. round earth), 'putting the washing out' (weather / climate /change), democracy (Britain and Brexit), (exultation of Pathological Narcissism, its namesake being millennials and that mesmeric man in America ),  "National Socialism" (Nazis; passing mention being mandatory), the appropriation and abuse of language in order to further such wonnabee issues such are whatever you want them to be, but are guaranteed to rouse the sheeples, and generally the role of consensus in society (generally) (point 4 above).

My education in other words (and maybe yours too), .. what in the past I should have been very much more aware of, but only now seem to be so, and totally at a loss about that I can't even work out what I should buy and what I shouldn't, and can't even get past the still-useful rubbish I need to chuck out in order to crest the next wave.  In keeping with my cheat sheet however I'm going to turn that list up there all around and go slow with the Earth expansion, because I've done it all before and nobody was that much interested then so I don't expect they'll be any more interested now.  And it'll be better anyway if I take my time to revise it. [They do say it takes 30-50 years for common sense to catch up with the cutting edge, so, .. time to help it.]

In matters of science, politics, public and personal, .. sheeples are sheeples (but me trying not to be) (and I hope you too) and what will be will be (mostly that biblical bit about an ecclesiastical "chase after wind").

... Talking of which, ..

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