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(This one's from the National Geographic .. )

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 And discover that the mantle is not molten, but is solid - which is why earthquakes can be recorded. The reason why it is molten is because the pressure (and all bets) is/are off.  And everybody had just better look out.  [Remember Pompeii.]

Quote :- " The potential for danger increases as the region near the volcano becomes more actively developed. In the past 150 years, the surrounding population has nearly tripled."

... suggesting (to people like me) that it is us (and all the tweeting) who are awakening the wrath of Mother Earth.  [Remember Pompeii (again) .. and that was just with a few carousing Romans after the death of Jesus Christ.]   The Mafia had better pull its collective head in, .. methinks.  And who can blame me [correlation = causation and all that].

 [National Geographic as a teaching instrument needs to update its definitions on the mantle.  Methinks that too.]

"All it takes is one person to comment that something doesn’t add up."

("Plates")  ("Mountains" ) ("Erosion")  etc.


" ... Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position. The following is a partial list of these organizations, along with links to their published statements and a selection of related resources..."

I see they've downgraded their position now to "extremely likely".  It used to be a dead cert.  Moreover, back in the early 1970's all this "climate-change" used to go by another name - the (then) newly fashionable 'El Nino'.

"Yeah? What's that mean?
"Jesus Christ!"

This expletive had certain resonance for me back in those days because being in the field in the lead-up to Christmas it used to get fucken hot!!  And odds-on Christmas would be even fucken-hotter! .. well into the hot forties  'S'cuse the French, but it's appropriate.  Recently it's hardly been cresting the mid-thirties.  Back then when people greeted each other in the street (Kalgoorlie) it used to be with a "Hot enough for ya?" Nowadays the nice autumn days just slip into Christmas and much of January with hardly a curse.

I've never kept up with all of this "human-induced, man-made Climate Change", but there's an awful lot of 'science', media and public who go along with it.  I've only ever thought, "If they go about their science on that score the way they did with Plate Tectonics, then we can take it all with a big pinch of salt".  [A comment that some people are also wakening up to is also relevant to physics .]

I mean the human bit. Warming and cooling is the way the world does it for reasons which, if it isn't people who are to blame, then it's something else - and it doesn't really much matter what, because with our filling up the oceans with plastic bags and other contaminents, and pea-soup atmosphere in places, people really could do to clean up their act!!   And the eco-friendly alternatives on offer are a no-brainer, get real, imperative. ASAP.   As is the connection to financial expediency, on which governments generally could do to put their heads together (ASAP).  Just think of that, .. how 'free' energy could be a real game changer in people's lives [Jeez! and you think Donald Trump's a problem .. That's one that could really do with thinking about, and a "Beware of what you wish for".]
[More fuckens. (You can do this in the field when nobody's listening, .. (swear your head off. :-) )]

It's only in about the last year or so that the consensus on climate change has been mentioning El Nino, and then with an almost embarrassed "Ahem, .. Ah, well, yes, .. it does confuse things a bit." [Several links here to include.]

I think we're getting closer to "The Reveal" and what's going on... 


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