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The mustard is cutThe Big Ship is turning.  Witness the gradual cell-death of Plate Tectonics (1967-2017) [Fifty years; use-by expired].  Time for a cool change. ["Everything old is new again."]


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don findlay said...

Comments? After a year +, None on this new blog. For what it's worth though, some feedback to my website can be viewed here :-:
That site was discontinued December 2016 and is being replaced now by this blog beginning January, 2017

Many more comments about me (but virtually nothing on the geology) can be viewed in sci.geo.geology archives. Likewise on Rationalskepticism,
.. where I got banned for bantering with the Baskervilles.

適当名前 said...

yes, you are right. earth is expanding also hollow.

don findlay said...

Don't know about "hollow"(unless we think of the core as a toroid. Is that possible?) I don't know. My background is not in physics.

[This is a belated reply because I just got my Twitter account locked again. and thought I'd better make my position clear about a hollow Earth. I wouldn't like people to think I'm a Hollow-Earther as well as a flat one. But it's also possible I got locked because somebody's complaining about me advertising the imminent demise of Plate Tectonics, and the popery that underpins it.

Louis Hissink said...

This is a comment using Chrome.

Don, if this gets through, feel free to contact me.

Louis Hissink Editor in Chief, NCGT Journal

Jean-Paul Turcaud said...

Don, Glad to see your site is still active. I have just watched some concurrent videos on the subject, and unfortunately although the concept of earth expansion is correct, all other idiotic geological theories are riding on the band wagon, to wit glaciations, orogenesis in zillions of yearz etc and especially the very speculative and indeed infantile mechanism proposed for such earth expansion.
Further this is not a special concept valid for this planet only, but a constant for all planets of all sun based systems.
In fact such ideas can inscribe themselves in a complete different understanding or our Universe, and the time scale of reference
Keep well my friend

don findlay said...

:-)) Alive (just) might be a better way of putting it.

I don't know what you mean exactly about glaciation, but it must be a bit confronting for people to contemplate no orogenesis, no mountains "building", and everything else that expansion observes to be true according to geological principles = only the inexorable force of gravity (incl. erosion) acting in concert with rotation and an Earth getting bigger, especially considering the context of what some regard as an "electric universe" - the planet in the solar system as somehow a macrocosm (of sorts) of the atom, and everything in between showing self-similarity too of sorts, whether it's the dna of the animal, vegetable or mineral world - pairing, rotation, cohesion, and growth - according to Benoit Mandelbrote's magic equation Z=z^2 +C, .. "whenever nature finds a successful way of doing something it keeps doing it over and over in different but similar ways. The patterns that arise out of repetition + 'hiccups' are remarkable. Certainly worth a lot of thinking about, and documentation (observation) to consider.

Humaun Kabir said...

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