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Earth Expansion

The mustard is cutThe Big Ship is turning.  Witness the gradual cell-death of Plate Tectonics (1967-2017) [Fifty years; use-by expired].  Time for a cool change. ["Everything old is new again."]

Mike Clark  (Hi, Mike)
John Taylor for moral support on sci.geo.geology and logical arm-wrestling.
Jean-Paul Turcaud - Discoverer of Telfer  for likewise support.
Fanny Dildo, for taking on The Seismo Support Team from the Plate Tectonic Graveyard.
Neal Adams - for graphics and popularising Earth Expansion.
Liam Scheff [1]  
Florian on the Rationalskepticism forum for being the straightman 
John Elliston - Phyiscal chemistry of small particle systems  [1] [2] [3]
Stephen Hurrell on Dinosaurs  [1] [2] [3] [4
Gene Ellis on Ionic Growing Earth :-:  Earth [1]  Moon [2]  Sun [3]
David De Hilster for advocacy support for Earth Expansion [1] [2]
James Maxlow on the expanding Earth [1
List of scientists advocating Earth Expansion - compilation [1
(DRB contact lost)
Hank .. not for the 'snowball' figured, but for the historic alert and indefatigable interest :-)
ja7tdo@520chain for sparking intrigue re. the electric universe.

[Spoiler alert :-  When you see this  => it means there's a link to a page on the (e-)book I'm writing (if I ever get round to finishing it).  


don findlay said...

Comments? After a year +, None on this new blog. For what it's worth though, some feedback to my website can be viewed here :-:
That site was discontinued December 2016 and is being replaced now by this blog beginning January, 2017

Many more comments about me (but virtually nothing on the geology) can be viewed in sci.geo.geology archives. Likewise on Rationalskepticism,
.. where I got banned for bantering with the Baskervilles.

適当名前 said...

yes, you are right. earth is expanding also hollow.

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