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The mustard is cutThe Big Ship is turning.  Witness the gradual cell-death of Plate Tectonics (1967-2017) [Fifty years; use-by expired].  Time for a cool change. ["Everything old is new again."]


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don findlay said...

Comments? After a year +, None on this new blog. For what it's worth though, some feedback to my website can be viewed here :-:
That site was discontinued December 2016 and is being replaced now by this blog beginning January, 2017

Many more comments about me (but virtually nothing on the geology) can be viewed in sci.geo.geology archives. Likewise on Rationalskepticism,
.. where I got banned for bantering with the Baskervilles.

ja7tdo said...

yes, you are right. earth is expanding also hollow.

don findlay said...

Don't know about "hollow"(unless we think of the core as a toroid. Is that possible?) I don't know. My background is not in physics.

[This is a belated reply because I just got my Twitter account locked again. and thought I'd better make my position clear about a hollow Earth. I wouldn't like people to think I'm a Hollow-Earther as well as a flat one. But it's also possible I got locked because somebody's complaining about me advertising the imminent demise of Plate Tectonics, and the popery that underpins it.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment using Chrome.

Don, if this gets through, feel free to contact me.

Louis Hissink Editor in Chief, NCGT Journal

Unknown said...

Don, Glad to see your site is still active. I have just watched some concurrent videos on the subject, and unfortunately although the concept of earth expansion is correct, all other idiotic geological theories are riding on the band wagon, to wit glaciations, orogenesis in zillions of yearz etc and especially the very speculative and indeed infantile mechanism proposed for such earth expansion.
Further this is not a special concept valid for this planet only, but a constant for all planets of all sun based systems.
In fact such ideas can inscribe themselves in a complete different understanding or our Universe, and the time scale of reference
Keep well my friend

don findlay said...

:-)) Alive (just) might be a better way of putting it.

I don't know what you mean exactly about glaciation, but it must be a bit confronting for people to contemplate no orogenesis, no mountains "building", and everything else that expansion observes to be true according to geological principles = only the inexorable force of gravity (incl. erosion) acting in concert with rotation and an Earth getting bigger, especially considering the context of what some regard as an "electric universe" - the planet in the solar system as somehow a macrocosm (of sorts) of the atom, and everything in between showing self-similarity too of sorts, whether it's the dna of the animal, vegetable or mineral world - pairing, rotation, cohesion, and growth - according to Benoit Mandelbrote's magic equation Z=z^2 +C, .. "whenever nature finds a successful way of doing something it keeps doing it over and over in different but similar ways. The patterns that arise out of repetition + 'hiccups' are remarkable. Certainly worth a lot of thinking about, and documentation (observation) to consider.

talkaboutwalkabout said...

Interesting, and I was thinking I was mostly alone.
Even an amateur such as myself, (since around about 1980),
can see that deployment of this model significantly simplifies
everything I've been trying to understand, and the best part about it is, you can arrive here using the exact same data that the rug pushers invoke. It also eliminates the need for invention, when just the facts will do nicely. I believe also that there is a decent possibility that the mechanisms responsible are readily apparent, and in continuing operation right under our feet and over our heads.
Venus looks a lot like earth will once it's gravity crisis
commences. You can't have the crust moving away from the core
and not have a reduction in confinement pressure for underlying materials right on the verge of liquefaction but for the pressure.
Sadly for Venus, a planet with a strongly conducting core and an
insulating mantle, (much like another place we know;)it was a wee bit deeper in the sun's magnetic field. Spin a conductor in a magnetic field, (itself in motion), and you get all charged up.
It's a an unruly, hot topic. Electrifying in fact.

don findlay said...

Thanks for your comment on that. It's been *years* since anyone has. :))
Sam Carey wrote three books outlining the evidence (just "o/l " because there's a lifetime's work for a worldful of geologists)(and others) - why Plate Tectonics is wrong, and E.E. is the only logical explanation. Totally ignored in mainstream publications, showing the sterilty of consensus 'science', the threat of "TEAMS discovering", and the myth of scientific publications as a forum for the presentation and discussion of observations and ideas (and just btw, the criminal exploitation by publishers of knowledge that's already been paid for, ..shocking in its excesses). It also highlights the fallacy that inclusion of "all the data" + more besides, sliced and diced by ocam's razor, will cut the mustard.
"Electrifying" for sure (!) (Electrodynamics pay attention) :))

don findlay said...

PS. My apologies, I meant excluding those above. No comments, virtually, for a decade (at least) on the earlier blog prior to that after earlier topping the internet on any reasonable search terms, even on Plate Tectonics. (Lead in the saddlebags ??) Very possibly

Plate Tectonics: a history of a changing climate through geologic forcing. said...

Hello don, it is difficult for people to accept that their hard work over many years was in vain. But everyone can't be correct about a subject so controversial as this. Satellite laser ranging, Very-long baseline interferometry, Global Positioning System and Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite;
have all been used to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Earth is not currently expanding. You could of course say it has a pulsating characteristic that allows for a stationary period, similar to the present situation. But alas, it is not stationary, GPS instruments on either side of a divergent boundary show that the instruments are moving apart from each other, while other GPS instruments on either side of a convergent boundary are moving toward each other. This is the basic evidence that is difficult for EE to overcome and Cary and others are simply being stubborn about it. Now, if you want to pick a side on whether mantle plumes exist or not you can partake in a substantive conversation. Don't take me wrong, I enjoy being the outsider, the contrarian. My fight is over the actual mechanism for the scientifically observed plate movement demonstrated above. I believe I've found it and solved many outstanding questions along the way. You may find it satisfies the lingering objections that sent you and many others to the EE camp for answers. Well, take care and I'll see you around. Marc

don findlay said...

Your first sentence nails it :- consensus is a powerful regulator. Right or wrong doesn't matter, so long as it keeps the peace. I think that's the main lesson that Plate Tectonics v. Expansion has to offer. Change won't happen through the geology, but through the logic that writes its reconstruction once subduction (the destruction of an ocean the size of those present combined) is set aside for what it is - a gratuitous assumption that has no substance in fact or reason (i.m.o.) ('satellites' notwithstanding). ("Men go mad in crowds .. recover their senses slowly, one by one"). Security is the nature of the human condition in everything important; people who question that fundamental principle on the societal scale face ostracism, jail, or death. I think that's the tone of the discussion that needs to be had.

I don't think you're right about Earth Expansion being a contentious issue. So far as I can see nobody's talking. My five thousand posts to all relevant Twitter hashtags - and *not one* substantive reply (and virtually none in about ten years before on this blog) (seems that way anyway) has to be saying something, even if it is only about the algorithms of artificial intelligence and the politics of societal cohesion (Truth, trust and justice, versus lies deception and disinformation) being played out right now in other forms. Cohesion or Division, and the Self versus Others, and the bonds that must not be broken if society is to hold. That's how I see the (future of) geology - an object lesson in reason applied to scale, space and time. Yes, it leads to larger questions in physics - how the material stuff of matter comes into existence - but basically the P.T. v. E.E. dichotomy is something for individuals to address for themselves. A fundamental change in mindset is needed before 'telling' makes any difference. It's all there, written on the geological map (with some help from the structure of the ocean floors), .. no assumptions needed. What we see is what we get.

Homo(ex)centricity:- I don't think the 'accuracy of satellites' cuts it, against hundreds of millions of years of Mother Earth's 'perseverence'.

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