Thursday, August 31, 2017

Earth, Billiard Balls and Mountains

 A question of scale ..
( .. Getting the message?) (Nope, .. not yet .. )

Fig.1.  Wikipedia entry.  After many years of Plate Tectonics getting sledged (don's blog + sci.geo.geology) this article finally folded.

Considering further the Zen OMountains and the possible enlightenment to be had from drinking the Waters from the Well at the World's End, and realising that we will probably have to go at least twice around the w.w.w. dot of Google's earth and a whole lot of stuff from outfits of institutional note like Nasa, Noaa, USGS, Unesco, National Geographic etc. who have still to scale the glass mountain, rescue the maiden (and therefore to our very considerable dismay also make it clear that they have not updated their definitions according to the semantics of the wikipedia), we discover to our very considerable surprise that not only is there no such thing as mountain building, but also that there is logically no such thing as mountains either.

I mean, .. stands to reason, .. dunnit?

(more? .. =>)

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